To find out what are the main lessons learned from those social enterprises that ended up or are seriously struggling to survive, we conducted a study from January to April 2018. The study was based on a qualitative and interpretive methodological approach and used in-depth interviews as a main technique for gathering data. We interviewed key respondents – persons who were somehow involved within those ‘failed’ social enterprises, as founders, directors, managers, members of governing board, etc. By using snowball sampling strategy were were hoping to include around 20 social enterprises from across the Europe. We manage to identify and to contact nearly 25 of such social enterprises, however many refuse to participate in this study. At the end, eleven social enterprises were included as case studies and this manual is based on their experiences. Those social enterprises were operating in Croatia, Ireland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. All of them asked to stay anonymous.

Findings of the study will be used in creation of an educational tool, but also they will be included in an interactive web map of social enterprises across EU.